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Register today for the Face to Face conference, March 14–18, 2012 in L.A. Holy Currencies & the Cycle of BlessingsOur Mission

  • To create inclusive and sustainable churches and communities.


  • To transform the way community and church leaders think about church—from a static, linear and maintenance-type mode to a dynamic, circulatory, and rejuvenating vision of a church that interacts with the wider community by maximizing the flow of spiritual, human and economic resources.

  • To empower church and community leaders with skills and knowledge to serve their communities more inclusively by facilitating and developing access to their Holy Currencies, thereby making both the churches and their related communities more sustainable.

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The KI South Institute will be held November 17–21, 2014 in Memphis, Tennessee, and will be a complete Holy Currencies course. Participants at KI South will experience the complete five-day course of our newest curriculum on congregational vitality and stewardship, examining five other currencies beside money (currencies of Time/Place, Gracious Leadership, Relationship, Truth and Wellness) that are essential for a congregation to be missional and sustainable.

LOCATION: St. Columba’s Retreat Center, 4577 Billy Maher Rd, Memphis, TN 38135. The Institue begins on Monday with lunch, and concludes on Thursday.

GRACECONOMICS REGISTRATION: $0–$600; the more you can pay, the more you help others who cannot afford as much.

LODGING & MEALS: Single rooms, $148 per night or $444 total; includes all meals. Shared rooms, $115 per night per person, or $344 total; includes all meals. Commuters, $101 total; incl. $2 per day room charge, plus meals.

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Holy Currencies book cover‘Holy Currencies’ book is published; you may order your copy here

  • The Rev. Eric Law’s latest book, Holy Currencies, has been published by Chalice Press. You may order it from our website; go to the register/donate button below and enter a donation between $13.99 and $20.00 in the General Donations item, and indicate it is for the Holy Currencies book. (For Canadian orders, we suggest adding $10 additional postage.) Follow the instructions to enter your name and address and payment information, and we will ship the book to you as soon as we can.

What other people are saying about ‘Holy Currencies’

“Eric Law’s latest book combines profound insight into God’s economy of abundance with abundant practical advice to congregations on how to move from scarcity to gift. We all have assets—friendship, leadership authority, truthfulness, time and place, to name a few—which, if spent in mission, will yield new opportunities for sustainable ministry... A must read for Christians paralyzed in survival mode.”

Thomas E. Breidenthal, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio

“Holy Currencies will quickly become a key text in congregational vitality, stewardship, mission, and organizational development... At a time when many organizations and faith communities are looking at the hard questions of sustainability, Holy Currencies transforms the conversation and offers new hope.”

Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook, Claremont School of Theology

Holy Currencies is insightful, practical, and easy to use with any small group, and it has the potential to pay large dividends through the creation of energized and equipped leadership.”

Bruce A. Barkhauer, Minister for Faith and Giving, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

“Reverend Law has once again blessed the church by brilliantly defining and describing the ecology of sustainable missional ministry. Care for and attention to this ‘ecosystem’ will help us all engage ministry in the confidence that we already have every blessing we need to be faithful and fruitful.”

Gregory Vaughn Palmer, Resident Bishop of Ohio West Episcopal Area, The United Methodist Church

“Eric Law has taken anxiety about declining resources and scarce money and turned it upside down and inside out. With fresh new perspectives and useful tools he opens our eyes to see currencies of abundance.”

Mark Smutny, Senior Pastor, Pasadena Presbyterian Church, author of Sacred Space for the City, Sacred Space for All

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